Finish Line Kool-Out Poultice

Finish Line Kool-Out Poultice

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* Mild formula for everyday use on horses with sensitive skin

* Can be used over minor nicks, cuts, blisters and more

* Easy on, easy off application

* Non-medicated

Kool-Out Poultice – Want to relieve stiffness and soreness in horse's legs without leaving skin dry? Non-medicated poultice cools and tightens legs and feet after workouts and races without causing scurf or blistering. Gentle enough to use on nicks and cuts; won't counteract other medications or leg paints. Results typically seen in 24 hrs. Comes on and off smoothly. Contains aluminum silicate mixed with boric acid, glycerin and minerals. Clean legs with non-medicated soap before applying. Generously rub on and cover as desired; wash off after use.

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