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Red Cell Recovery Paste

Red Cell Recovery Paste

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* Helps horses recover faster so they can resume their training regimen with the same intensity

* University tested

Farnam Red Cell Recovery for horses aids in proper muscle function and repair with BCAAs. Post-event muscle recovery paste maintains and minimizes post-exercise muscle breakdown that occurs after intense training and competition.

Supplies antioxidants that decrease oxidative stress associated with strenuous exercise. Replaces electrolytes lost through sweat. For all classes of horses.

Each 60 gm syringe contains min 14,100 mg salt, 5,600 mg sodium, 10,600 mg chloride, 150 mg magnesium, 1,950 mg potassium, 1,000 mg leucine, 750 mg isoleucine and 1,000 mg valine. Also contains dehydrated cantaloupe juice.

Directions: 1 full tube 1-3 hours post-exercise; best if given in 1/3 increments over 10 minutes.