Blanket Safe Spray on Horse Blanket Water Repellent

Blanket Safe Spray on Horse Blanket Water Repellent

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Blanket Safe Water Repellent treatment is water based, that means NO ODORS! The Water-Repellent wraps around the individual fibers. It is odor-less and safe and will not inhibit the breathability of your blanket materials. Does not coat the fabric in non-breathable material and is wax and silicone free! 

To apply simply wash your blanket and spray the repellent on your clean, wet blanket and AIR DRY! Drying should take 48-72 hours. This drying time is what 'cures' the water repellent product. 

Once this product is dry it is not harmful to pets or kids! It usually lasts between 9-12 months depending on age of blanket, and wear and tear of blanket. Keep in mind that Blanket Safe is not a heavy duty treatment, it is perfect for modern day fabrics, however extremely worn fabrics, or those with a very low denier may not respond as well as blankets with a 1000+ Denier. The water-repellent will help increase and maintain the factory applied waterproofing of your horse blanket. 


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