Apple Elite Electrolyte Paste

Apple Elite Electrolyte Paste

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* For rapid replenishment...easy to use anywhere!


Convenient concentrated Farnam Apple Elite Paste Electrolyte provides fast replacement of electrolytes for horses in need of replenishment from the effects of rigorous activity, competition, sweat, stress, travel and sudden change of temperature or environment. Formulated for all classes and ages of horses.

Apple Elite horse electrolytes can also be used to keep horses drinking and ward off dehydration. Helps body maintain the fluid levels necessary for healthy normal function.


• Serving easily adjusted according to exercise intensity and how much your horse is sweating

• Can be given up to 12 hours before exercise or travel to combat electrolyte loss before it happens.

Appetizing apple flavor. Each 60 cc syringe contains guaranteed min 400 mg calcium, 34,400 mg salt, 14,600 mg sodium, 28,000 mg chloride, 400 mg magnesium and 5,200 mg potassium.

Directions: Maintenance/light exercise - 15-25 cc; Light sweating - 20-45 cc; Moderate sweating - 30-45 cc; Heavy sweating - 60 cc.

Veterinarian recommended. Made in the USA.

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