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Curry on a Stick

Curry on a Stick

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Curry On A Stik' is a well-balanced professional tool that's great for releasing stagnation and getting the blood flowing to help with pain. Made of high quality materials, it's easy-to use with either hand while being extremely comfortable for both human users and their pets alike! The specially manufactured TPE rubber overlay makes this curry an ergonomic handle that fits into your hands perfectly; plus its balance weight ensures stability during usage.

Key Benefits:  
  • Stimulates circulation and massages the skin, muscles and fascia
  • Comfortable rubber ergonomically designed handle
  • Dual sided curry action - coarse side/soft side
  • Use when bathing - works great with shampoo and water!
  • Removes painful stagnation
  • Stress point therapy
  • Releases natural coat oils
  • Not just for horses - dogs, cats and other animals/livestock love it too! 

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