Horse Amour Peppermint Bit Wipes

Horse Amour Peppermint Bit Wipes

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The Horse Amour Bit Wipes come in a convenient pop-up container to make cleaning fun! Treat your horse and yourself to a clean, tasty bit every time. Regular use of Peppermint Bit Wipes promotes acceptance of the bit, and keeps bits sparkling clean. All natural, human grade ingredients leave no oily residue like traditional wipes. Can also be used on stirrups, buckles, and any other sterling silver.

Product Details:

  • 40 disposable wipes
  • Plastic dispensing container is resealable to keep wipes fresh
  • Palatable & soothing peppermint flavor
  • Your horse will LOVE his bit!
  • Great to use for cleaning and polishing stirrups, buckles, and more

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