Pyranha Shine Baby Shine

Pyranha Shine Baby Shine

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* Coat conditioner formulated to provide shine, luster and protection for hair follicles

* Protects hair from effects of sun

* Helps prevent static

* Made in the USA

Enriched with multi formula blend of natural vitamins helps with small cuts and abrasions. Aids in detangling hair. Provides a healthy shine to horses. Sweet and soothing fragrance of jasmine and sandalwood extracts.

Directions: Spray directly onto hair in an even coat or spray onto towel and rub over coat. Stroke hair flat in its natural direction to help coat hair evenly. For shiny, flowing manes and tails, spray evenly over hair, then comb. Can be applied to wet or dry hair.

Do not use on saddle area of horse. Do not use on mane or tails intended to braid.

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