Pyranha Winners Circle Detangler

Pyranha Winners Circle Detangler

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* Conditions and protects pet's coat

* Cuts down on grooming; saves time and money!

* Easy to use, spray formula

* Made in the USA

Pyranha Winners Circle Detangler – Professional strength spray conditions, detangles and moisturizes mane, tail and coat for soft, silky finish with light fresh scent. Helps remove tangles, dreadlocks, matting, knots, seed pods and other foreign objects. Leave-in formula delivers show-ready shine and makes hair manageable. Aids in repelling dust and dirt while protecting coat. Great for horses, dogs and long-haired pets.

Directions: Spray on tangled area; leave on for 2-3 minutes. Slowly release tangle starting at bottom and working towards body. Reapply until hair is smooth and manageable. Do not spray in/around eyes or on saddle area.

Made in the USA.

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