Summer Games Electrolyte Powder

Summer Games Electrolyte Powder

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When performance horses sweat, they lose a significant amount of essential electrolytes - particularly sodium, chloride and potassium - that are necessary for top performance. Powder supplement replace these key electrolytes that are lost in sweat during exercise, help prevent dehydration by increasing thirst response and support fast recovery. Also supplies minerals necessary to support and promote optimal performance. Low sugar content.

Each 1 oz dose contains (min) 170 mg calcium, 150 mg phosphorous, 16.7 gm salt, 160 mg magnesium, 3.5 gm potassium, 10 mg copper, 52 mg iron, 4 mg manganese, 25 mg zinc.

Directions: Horses at rest or transport in hot weather - 1 oz daily; Moderate work - 2-3 oz; Heavy work - 3-4 oz divided into separate feedings. 1 oz scoop enclosed.

5 lbs = 80 day supply at maintenance level.

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